23 декабря 2011 г.

pointed toe

How many pairs of shoes do you consider adequate? for mnya no boundaries. shoes, my weakness ...
Here we go again the next season brings us a sharp nose ... ))))) You think about this shoe?
He has his own style!)

21 декабря 2011 г.

Transparency - a strong bet.

Skirt, skirt.
As many various styles and models from a season during a season change  length, mini  that poppies.The transparent skirt the doubtless favourite here and it will indulge , 2012 which season with the presence.)))) any man won't pass a sight by  passing girl.....Colors different, but the favourite black!

юбка, юбка..
как много различных фасонов и моделей из сезона в сезон меняется длина ,то мини то маки..
прозрачная юбка несомненный фаворит который сезон вот и 2012 год она побалует своим присутствием..))))  ни один мужчина не пропустит взглядом мимо проходящую девушку.....
цвета  разные , но фаворит черный!

20 декабря 2011 г.

Bright find!

 Choice of gifts not the most simple business.
Here and I have presented me a gift beautiful such, couldn't resist. This fur coat, a miracle it is simple....

I have pleased myself, to me isn't cold even during very cold time, in Russia it is necessary
Such coloring of a fur coat is a find!
I love it............
All I wish good holiday mood!...................))))))